Winter Weekend Activities

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Dear Jane, 

As I coast well into my 30’s, my days of hard charging and partying on the weekends are behind me. Of course I know this makes sense, and I couldn’t party now even if I wanted to (the multi-day hangovers kill me!) but I am kind of at a loss as to what to do on the weekends now! 

This is especially true now, as I live in a cold climate and winter is here. I need some ideas to get me out of the house, soaking up as much vitamin D as I can. Do you have any suggestions!?


-Netflix’d out 30-something

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This year I actually look forward to snow, and the idea of getting outside doesn’t send me into an emotional tailspin! Let me tell you my tips and tricks to help this winter be your best one yet! ” 

Dear Netflix’d out 30-something, 

Trust me when I say I totally understand where you’re coming from here! You’ve definitely come to the right place. Living in Maine, winter used to be one big blur of seasonal depression and lounge pants. Two winters ago I decided to take action, and I can honestly say that this year I actually look forward to snow, and the idea of getting outside doesn’t send me into an emotional tailspin! Let me tell you my tips and tricks to help this winter be your best one yet! 

weekend winter activities

The key to having a good winter in a cold weather climate, is finding an activity to do outside.

First, no matter what activity you choose, an investment needs to be made on your part for the right gear. We have a saying here in Maine that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. 

Any cold-weather activity is going to require a cozy and warm base layer, water-resistant outer layers and the right footwear. 

Personally, I love Sweaty Betty for base layers. Not only are they warm and cozy, but they are also cute which means you can strip down your outer layers to warm up by the fire in style. As a Maine gal, I have to suggest anything by L.L. Bean for cold-weather gear! 

Once you have the gear, settle on an activity! 

I suggest trying a few different activites and finding what you love. Hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, fat tire biking and even surfing (yes, it’s true! those who do it say it’s warmer than skiing!) are all winter activies that get you outside, exercising and enjoying fresh air and vitamin D. 

With any new activity, there is going to be some pain and soreness as your  body gets used to using previously ignored muscle groups! Try Betoken’s Pain, Pain, Go Away cream for quick, natural relief

I hope that helps you figure out some fun weekend activities to try! Keep me posted on your progress. 

xoxo, Jane

Jane is the fictional heroine of the Betoken lifestyle blog, Good For Jane. Think of Jane as your virtual BFF. She lives a healthy lifestyle, but not like, over the top. When it’s not a pandemic, she loves hanging out with her friends, dating, and exercising in public. Throughout the pandemic she has baked her fair share of sourdoughs, gotten more than her fair share of takeout to “support her local restaurants”, ordered wine online and taken plenty of CBD to keep the anxiety at bay.

Jane is also the editor of the Dear Jane column. If you have a question for Jane, you can email her at

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