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Why Pair CBD with Botanicals?

People have reported CBD as highly effective when it comes to treating all sorts of ailments. Those who use hemp oil, isolate extract, and other types of cannabidiol ascribe all sorts of benefits to it. Some will say that it’s a wonder cure for their chronic pain, while others take it to alleviate stress and help them sleep. While not every CBD claim can rely on rigorous scientific evidence to back it up, there are more and more studies supporting the medicinal value of CBD. However, it’s not the only plant-based treatment for these and other issues. In fact, there’s great value to find in pairing CBD with other botanical treatments.

Pairing CBD with Botanicals

Advocates of CBD will often point to the historical popularity of cannabis and hemp in the ancient medicine of many societies. In particular, ancient China found many uses for hemp oil which modern usage and studies often support. While this is true of CBD, many botanicals are seeing the same pattern of popularity. Our ancestors found treatments for all sorts of maladies, from depression to poor appetite in their gardens.

By combining CBD with these other botanicals, you can enjoy targeted, all-natural relief. While people use hemp products for all sorts of relief, they usually have a specific goal in mind. Using CBD alone doesn’t necessarily optimize your treatment methods. On the other hand, there’s a seemingly endless list of botanicals you can use to tailor the effect of a product to your exact issue.

Maximize Pain Relief

The ancient civilizations that used hemp to treat their pain didn’t only use pain. For instance, the Ancient Greeks and Chinese both used willow bark as a treatment for inflammation and pain. In particular, this botanical is an extremely promising treatment for lower back pain. While modern study indicates it’s not the best for handling hard-to-treat pain like osteoarthritis, comfrey root may be perfect for treating these types of pain. By creating complementary blends of CBD and botanicals, you can maximize the potential for treatment without pharmacological intervention.

Improve Your Sleep and Alleviate Stress

Many botanicals improve sleep and reduce anxiety, such as passionflower and lemon balm. Additionally, you can combine lemon balm and valerian root for incredible insomnia relief. Since many people use CBD to balance their mood and enhance sleep, these botanicals are a natural complement.

Betoken CBD Botanicals

At Betoken CBD, the secret to many of our popular products is the blend of cannabidiol and botanicals. Our mission is to provide natural products that can help people live their best lives, and we’ve found that ancient herbal treatments are best for this. If you want to experience all-natural relief for what ails you, consider giving Betoken CBD a try.

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