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Why Can’t I sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and that time significantly contributes to our overall health. Sleep allows our bodies to rest, recharge, and get ready for the next day. Unfortunately, while sleep should be the easiest part of our day, many Americans struggle with their nighttime routine. It’s estimated that sleep-related problems affect between 50-70 million Americans of all ages and backgrounds.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

There are various factors that could explain why you’re having difficulties sleeping. According to Harvard Health, the top eight most common reasons for sleep disturbances are:

  1. Sleep apnea
  2. Diet
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Pain
  5. Restless legs syndrome
  6. Depression
  7. Stress
  8. Poor sleeping habits

Additionally, you may suffer from a sleeping disorder. A sleeping disorder causes problems with the quality, quantity, and timing of your sleep. This type of disorder can have an incredibly negative impact on the quality of your life, impacting your mood, cognitive thinking, energy levels, stress, and more.

Whatever your reason for not sleeping, it’s essential you find a solution. A lack of proper sleep can even endanger you. Someone who is not well-rested may make mistakes taking their medication, may fall asleep behind the wheel, or put themselves into other risky situations.

CBD may be the natural solution to your sleep problems.

Can CBD Help?

Our endocannabinoid system plays a role in monitoring some of our important body functions, such as appetite, mood, sleep, and regulating circadian rhythms. Cannabinoids (found in CBD) attach to CB1 and CB2 cells in our endocannabinoid system, producing various effects. One of these effects is around sleep. Some studies have shown that CBD interacts with a cannabinoid receptor that directly impacts our wake/sleep cycle*.

Some studies have also shown that CBD can reduce anxiety, pain, and stress*. As all of these are factors that interfere with your sleep (see the top eight list above), this is a secondary benefit that might be able to help improve our sleep.

The Technical Results

As CBD research is relatively new, many people question just how efficient this all-natural solution really is. Some studies we have found on the subject are below.

A study published in 2018 looked at the impact cannabis flower has on insomnia patients. The results showed that many of the patients reported an improvement in their insomnia after taking cannabis.

Another study published in 2019 studied the effect of cannabidiol on stress and anxiety. The study followed 72 people with high levels of stress and anxiety for a month. After giving them CBD, the results were:

  • Anxiety levels decreased in 79% of participants
  • Sleep scores improved in 66% of participants

These are just two of many studies that have looked into the relationship between CBD and sleep problems.


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