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What Should I Know About How Much CBD Cream to Use?

The world of CBD is extremely exciting. From the perspective of a CBD enthusiast, more people are trying and loving it and other hemp derivatives each year. There are new ways to enjoy hemp oil and other hemp derivatives, and all sorts of new research projects are underway into using CBD to improve people’s lives. For now, though, one of the most popular means of using cannabidiol to enjoy a better life is CBD creams. Many people have tried CBD creams and found that they alleviate all sorts of pain, as well as skin diseases.

CBD Skin Creams

When it comes to using CBD skin cream, you should understand what sort of benefits you’re looking for. People use cannabidiol products for a wide variety of purposes, such as stimulating their appetite or easing their anxiety. However, you might end up disappointed if you try a CBD skin cream with these sorts of effects in mind. While CBD skin creams do work, they have their own effects compared to other types of CBD.

Why Use CBD Cream?

Compared to oral consumption of CBD or other administration methods, dermal CBD via lotions and creams is unique. When you consume cannabidiol, your bloodstream absorbs the compound from your stomach and then goes throughout your body. The effects are wide-ranging, but less intense.

On the other hand, CBD creams don’t reach the bloodstream. Instead, they stay concentrated in the local area and greatly increase cannabidiol concentrations there. At Betoken CBD, we’ve just relaunched two of our most popular creams for pain after they initially sold out. One of our creams, Not This Month is made by women, for women. It relies on a combination of natural, full-spectrum CBD and period-pain-relieving botanicals to achieve deep relief for women going through PMS.

Our other major CBD cream is less targeted and revolves more around pain in general. Pain, Pain, Go Away has a diverse collection of users, from weight lifters looking to soothe their aching muscles to older citizens who are calming their joint pain. The foundation of its compelling, rich anti-pain effect is CBD, but it’s enhanced by other herbal analgesics such as arnica and cayenne. If you suffer with any sort of upper tissue pain, you might want to try Pain, Pain, Go Away for yourself and see how it works.

How Much CBD Cream Should I Use?

When it comes to different types of CBD creams, you should probably only use one at a time. However, the exact amount varies. Depending on the size of the area you want to apply it, the severity of your pain, and other considerations, you’ll use different amounts. However, it’s best to start small and increase the dose as needed to get your desired effect.

Betoken CBD Creams

Betoken is all about making adult life easier with CBD for stress, pain, and a good night’s sleep. If you want to see if CBD works for you, then try some of what we have to offer.

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