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What is Lemon Balm Good For?

Ever since the plant reached Spain in the 7th century, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) has been a wildly popular plant in Europe and elsewhere. In the past, some physicians went so far as to call it the elixir of life. The plant and its extracts have long held a reputation for a powerful potential to improve mood, boost sleep, and generally make people feel better. Today, people often use it to complement or replace pharmacological therapies. As it happens, modern science backs up your grandmother’s wisdom on the value of lemon balm.

Benefits of Lemon Balm

With thousands of years of use across many cultures, several groups of researchers have taken interest in the anxiolytic and anti-depressant value of lemon balm. Early animal trials showed complex, but promising results, where some subjects displayed considerably less stress after a dosage of lemon balm. In 2004, a similar study backed up these results in a human trial. People who had received a dosage of lemon balm were consistently less alarmed during moments of induced stress and reported greater calm.

Traditional anxiolytic and anti-depressant drugs can often be highly addictive and carry serious side-effects. With this in mind, any botanical that can sometimes substitute or augment them may be able to help people treat their mental illness more safely. Compared to these drugs, lemon balm has a microscopic potential for addiction. It’s extremely rare for someone to develop a dependency on the plant, and cases have only been recorded when someone consumed unusually high doses over a long period of time.

It might be rare for people to become dependent on lemon balm, but it’s still important to keep this risk in mind. The great majority of people use lemon balm safely without even being aware of dependency risks, and you should have nothing to worry about if you either use lemon balm either temporarily or in low quantities. Supplementing lemon balm with other mood-boosting botanicals might be the best way to make use of its many benefits, and this is exactly what Betoken CBD has in mind with our cannabidiol-enhanced botanical blends.

Sleep Well with Lemon Balm and CBD

While most of the focus on lemon balm lays on its capacity to treat stress, it’s also a great sleep aid. Studies have shown that lemon balm on its own can help reduce sleep disturbances and improve sleep quality. Another interesting study shows that the blend of lemon balm and valerian root is especially effective at improving sleep. Enjoy great sleep with a combination of these botanicals, a few others, and CBD in our Nighty Night capsules.

Relieve Anxiety with Lemon Balm

Lemon balm and CBD are two of the key components in our carefully-crafted anti-anxiety formula. If stress is getting to you, just say, “Hello, Mellow.

Experience All-Natural Relief with Betoken CBD

Our repertoire of botanical curatives with CBD have helped many people feel better and face adult life with a smile. Join them and try Nighty Night, Hello Mellow, and our other products to see if they work as well for you.

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