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What is CBD good for?

To listen to people who love CBD explain what it’s good for, you might start to think that it’s a panacea. While there are certainly many exaggerations out there, there’s also a lot of truth to many of the claims that people make when speaking of the benefits of CBD. There are studies showing that you might be able to use cannabidiol to feel better physically and mentally, and here are a few of the areas in which you might want to try CBD yourself.

What is CBD Good For?

Improve Sleep and Mood

In today’s world, battling stress and getting a good night’s sleep is half of every challenge. On this point, modern studies are coming out and showing that people experienced a greater state of relaxation as well as improved sleep once they tried CBD.

At Betoken, we’ve crafted two special, herbal formulations of CBD that aim to enrich your sleep and improve mood.

Treat Back Discomforts

Living with discomfort is a struggle that often entails all sorts of discomfort, from poor sleep which can, in turn, make your back pain even worse. CBD seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect that helps treat discomfort*.

For that matter, inflammation lays at the heart of many chronic pain conditions beyond just back pain. As a result, researchers are exploring the possibility of using CBD to treat many other problems beyond the scope of this one.

CBD for Arthritis

Arthritis is often hard to treat, with doctors resorting to addictive opioids in some cases. However, you might be able to try CBD instead and enjoy the benefit of a low-risk means of mediating your pain*. There are a handful of studies pursuing the use of CBD to treat these stubborn pain conditions, and some of the studies show that consuming CBD orally may not be effective. This is because CBD is hydrophobic, and which reduces bioavailability and targeted effectiveness.

However, researchers may have also found the solution to this problem. In one study, researchers found that applying a topical CBD treatment allowed CBD to absorb through the skin, dramatically increasing local bioavailability and reducing discomfort in the process.

Holistic Health Supplements

The key to the wide-ranging effects of CBD seems to lay in the ECS, which many researchers have hypothesized functions as our internal regulator. In this role, CBD and other plant-based cannabinoids support the inner balance and healthy functioning of the body.

Try Betoken CBD

At Betoken, we’re committed to using CBD to make people’s lives better. If you want to try CBD for yourself, consider our range of pills, capsules, bath bombs, and topicals.

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