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What Do I Need to Know Before Buying CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has taken the world by storm with its non-addictive, non-hallucinogenic therapeutic qualities. The industry is growing rapidly year-by-year, in terms of people that use CBD, the number of products available, and the total value of sales. If you haven’t tried cannabidiol yet, it’s likely that you want to. However, that raises the question of where you should start. Before you try CBD, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

Why Do You Want to Try CBD?

While the science of CBD is still fairly rudimentary, there are many studies indicating it can help a wide range of conditions. Many people use CBD on their own as an antidote to chronic pain, arthritis, and other conditions. This is a well-founded use for CBD, as studies show that it may be a potent anti-inflammatory agent with considerable value for treating pain.

However, there are many other uses. For one, people commonly try CBD for its potential to reduce stress and improve sleep. You might also consider cannabidiol for period cramps, muscle or joint pain, and much more.

Choose the Right Form of CBD

Once you know what sort of relief you’re looking for, it should be fairly easy to choose what form you want to use CBD in. There are all sorts of different CBD products on the market, and at first, it may be unclear which is right for you. While there are all sorts of important nuances between the different choices, there are two basic mechanisms by which CBD works. There are types of CBD that enter your bloodstream and have global, full-body effects, and their topical treatments that affect localized areas.


CBD topicals do not reach the bloodstream, but they do penetrate into the skin and increase local cannabinoid levels. As a result, you can’t expect sleep or stress benefits from such products. However, dermal topicals can improve skin health and treat local pain.

Consumables, Tinctures, and More

Capsules, oil tinctures, transdermal ointments, smokable hemp flower, and other types of CBD products increase cannabidiol levels throughout your whole body. While the benefits they offer are similar, different kinds of CBD have faster or longer-lasting effects. Hemp oil-based products have lower bioavailability when consumed due to the fact oil is hydrophobic, but products that use water-soluble CBD, like Betoken’s capsules, solve this problem.

Find Key Information About the Product

Origin of CBD in Product

Synthetic cannabinoids are increasingly common, but they’re often ineffective or even dangerous. You should always make sure that a product uses real hemp and source their hemp, if possible. Any trust-worthy brand would proudly display certificates of analysis from third party labs, or be able to provide them to you upon request. 

Concentration of Cannabidiol

Like all other supplements and medications, the effects of cannabidiol lay in the dose. You need to know how potent the CBD concentration is to know how to use it, as well as to verify that you’re getting your money’s worth. However, a higher dose does not necessarily indicate a more effective product. We always recommend starting low, and going slow, to see how your individual body reacts to CBD. CBD also works best if taken consistently. 

Try Betoken CBD

Here at Betoken CBD, we source the cannabidiol in every one of our ointments, creams, capsules, and other products from high-quality hemp. We have all sorts of products you can’t find anywhere else, such as Nighty Night capsules that combine cannabidiol with other all-natural sleep inducing botanicals. Find just what you’re looking for today at our online CBD store.

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