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What Are Valerian Root and Hops and Do They Help Support Sleep?

One of the greatest benefits of CBD ingestible capsules is the ability for CBD to work with other natural botanicals, opening the way to mixing and matching the perfect recipe that targets specific ailments.

At Betoken, we keep every ingredient list as short as possible by using the exact herb or flower needed to match the symptoms being addressed. Two of these ingredients are valerian root and hops, both of which have been used for centuries either in beverages or taken orally.

Valerian Root May Promote Sleep and Relaxation

Valerian’s classification is Valeriana officinalis which encompasses both the flowers and root of the plant. While the flowers are beautifully scented and perfect for fragrance, the roots are the true powerhouse of the plant that trades a sweet scent for a rather strong odor in exchange for having some of the most sought after medicinal qualities in the wild.

Much like skullcap, valerian root interacts with the amino acid gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, to help reduce the amount of activity going in within the nervous system and increase GABA levels. As such, taking valerian root nightly can be a source of relief. 

This botanical beauty also contains hesperidin and linarin, two antioxidants that work as mild sedatives to relax your mind and body for a restful night’s sleep. The same way GABA helps control nerve pulses, the antioxidants can also help suppress fear and other emotional reactions to stressful situations.

Hops Is For More Than Just Beer

Best known as the female flowers that make beer bitter, hops have been used as an herbal remedy to different ailments since its medicinal properties were first discovered and documented in Europe as far back as the 9th century. It’s known as Humulus lupulus, or simply the hop plant. While it contains its own methods of sedation, research suggests that it works best when paired with valerian root.

One way hops compliments valerian root is through lowering the body’s temperature, a natural step in the sleep cycle that some struggle to achieve. By helping on the physical side of sleep, hops lets valerian root truly shine. Think of it as hops opening the door to a great night of sleep and valerian root helping keep the room nice and quiet all night long.

The Perfect Pair for Hitting The Pillow

Now you see why CBD, valerian root and hops work so well together when it comes to promoting restful sleep. Whether you’re taking it as part of your nightly routine or pairing it with a CBD cream for a day of rest, you can’t go wrong with any of our Betoken sleepy time products.

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