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What Are the Benefits of Botanical Passionflower?

Passionflower is a climbing vine plant that’s native to South America, where local peoples used it medicinally since time immemorial. They’d use it as a cure for all sorts of maladies, from anxiety and stress to menstrual cramps and poor sleep. When European settlers arrived, they quickly saw the value of the plant and it spread to medicinal use abroad. Today, people all around the world continue to use passionflower to treat a variety of ailments.

The Benefits of Botanical Passionflower

Ancient civilizations primarily used botanical passionflower as a sedative and calming agent. One modern usage that reflects this original purpose is the popular practice of dentists giving patients a derivative of passionflower. People have long believed that this can reduce anxiety and stress before an appointment, and this practice continues today. While there isn’t much study into the medicinal value of passionflower, one study attempted to measure how effective passionflower was in this role. It found that dental patients who consumed passionflower ahead of an appointment did indeed report much lower levels of anxiety before and during procedures.

This ability to calm and sedate people may be just the beginning, however. The Indian Journal of Pharmacology did research into the idea that passionflower can treat stomach pains by prescribing it to rats with ulcers. Not only did passionflower help treat the ulcers, but the researchers found evidence of another useful application almost on accident; the plant may have potential as an antioxidant. In coming years, new studies into the applications of passionflower are sure to illuminate other potential uses, such as period pain relief.

Potential Side Effects

The potential for passionflower to treat so many ailments is even more exciting on account of the fact pharmacological treatments often have serious side effects. On the other hand, current study indicates that passionflower is highly safe for consumption, although there’s little evidence regarding topical use.

When a group of people consumed a high, 800 mg dose of passionflower each day for eight weeks, there were no serious complications in any participants. However, some did report drowsiness and lack of coordination. Overall, the lesson is that passionflower is best used in moderation.

Improve Sleep With Passionflower

Even in moderation, passionflower may well be able to improve your sleep. One study provided a group of adults a weak dosage of passionflower tea each day. The researchers found that this was enough to offer consistent, but moderate improvements to sleep. For deeper relief, consider combining passionflower with other botanicals or give Betoken CBD Nighty Night capsules a try.

Try Nighty Night from Betoken CBD

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