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We’ve Talked About CBD, But Have You Learned About CBG?

You’ve probably heard about CBD — but what about CBG?

If your answer is no, you’re not alone but there’s definitely reason to look into the latest hemp extract that’s helping people with pain, anxiety, and other maladies.

Here are 3 key benefits that make CBG — and the Betoken CBD products that feature this incredible compound in a precise combination with CBD — the perfect answer for pain:

1. Like CBD, It’s a Natural Compound

Studies have found cannabidiol (CBD) to be effective in relieving pain from a variety of different sources, and early testing suggests that CBG could improve outcomes by an even greater degree when the two are used together!

Cannibigerol (CBG) is another byproduct of the hemp (cannabis) plant, present in higher amounts in plants that have not fully matured. The concentration of CBD to CBG in any given hemp plant varies but CBD is usually much higher — this is why the power of CBG is just now being understood.

Like CBD, CBG is a natural compound and can safely be used in a range of different forms to help with pain and other chronic and acute health issues.

2. Also Like CBD, it Doesn’t Cause Negative Effects

When you use a topical cream that contains both CBD and CBG, for example, you’ll experience all of the all of the benefits — and nothing else. This is important when most of the products on the market developed to help you also cause some sort of unwanted side effects.

CBD and CBG are byproducts of cannabis, but, unlike their better-known cousin, THC, they don’t make the user feel “high”. These compounds may provide a calming sensation (stress relief is one of their many applications) but using CBG or CBD doesn’t have any known risks or potentially unwanted side effects.

This is especially useful for severe and chronic pain, since a main alternative comes in the form of addictive opioid pain medications. If you take pain meds for a few weeks, they’ll become less effective as you build up a tolerance. Plus, they literally change the way your brain works over time. CBD and CBG have no such risk.

3. It Combines with CBD to Create a Broad Spectrum Pain Reliever

In studies, CBD has been found to be effective on various types and degrees of pain, even from conditions like cancer, cluster headaches, and fibromyalgia.

Early testing has found that CBG may broaden the application of a CBD product, with research that suggests that it can address underlying inflammation and enhance the natural pain relief of CBD through something called “the entourage effect.”

That is to say, the addition of CBG makes Betoken CBD creams effective on a broader spectrum than those that only contain CBD! Whether you’re suffering from chronic back soreness or pain associated with PMS, we carry topical concentrations of CBD and CBG — plus other soothing, natural ingredients — to help you fight pain in a sustainable way.

To learn more and see what Betoken CBD can do for you, take a moment to check out our best sellers!

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