spring craft activities with kids

Three Good Spring Inspired Crafts (family friendly!)


diy flower crown craft activity for kids

DIY Flower Crown

Spend some time outside gathering your materials (leafs, flowers, even grass!) and then follow these easy instructions to make your own flower crowns! 

Via The Artful Parent


Painted Branch Project

This one literally couldn’t be easier, and yet we can pretty much guarantee your kiddos are going to love it. Find the biggest stick you can (already the most fun thing the kids have done this weekend) and bring it home (!!) to paint (!!!)!!! 

This was a smashing hit in our founder’s house this Spring! Get the full tutorial over at the Art Bar.

Via Art Bar Blog

craft activity for kids painted branch project


low braid and ponytail hairstyles

5 Minute Pinecone Bird Feeder

Easy for the whole family, fun, and birds love them! This is a win, win, win in our books! It starts with a pinecone hunt, and ends with a fun game of ‘who can name that bird’. Get the full tutorial on Made Every Day.

Via Made Every Day

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