Let’s talk plastics

Singe use plastic is a threat to marine life, mankind and the survival of the planet. Living in coastal Maine, we see plastic and waste on our beaches every day. We refuse to be part of the problem. From the very beginning we have sought to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Have we been able to completely eliminate it? No, but we are hoping with your help, we will one day very soon. As it stands today, only our caps are made of plastic. The cardborad boxes, glass jars and aluminum tubes you find our Betoken products in are 100% recylcable. Just clean ’em out and toss ’em in the recycling. 

Responsible Operations


Our shipping boxes and box filler are all recyclable. Once you’ve received your products, toss everything they came in directly into the recycling bin.  Or, better yet, reuse the box to send a gift to a friend, or for your toddler to get crafty with.


Our products are manufactured in Massachusetts, just over 2 hours from our own HQ. We have a close relationship with our manufacturing team and a shared committment to sustainable business practices.