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Not This Month Cream

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Cramps are a total pain in the uterus, but not this month! Our PMS relief cream is formulated with broad spectrum hemp, cramp bark, chamomile, ginger, rose and wild harvested Maine seaweed to relieve even the worst period pain. Most find it effective within 10 minutes! Reapply as necessary throughout the day!

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2oz cream, containing 500MG of Broad Spectrum Hemp and our proprietary plant-based blend.

Active Ingredients:

Hemp, Cramp Bark, Rose, Chamomile, Ginger & Wild Harvested Maine Seaweed.

Base Ingredients:

purified water, jojoba oil, cetearyl alcohol (from coconut oil), glyceryl stearate se (derived from vegetables), grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, isopropyl myristate, aloe vera gel, citric acid, phenoxyethanol (less than 1%), vitamin E oil, xanthan gum, lavender essential oil, rose absolute

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Our Betoken body products are packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum tubes.

When you have used the last of the tube, carefully cut the top off to expose interior. Rinse out any remaining residue. Keep in mind that any items with more than 10% residual formula will not be recycled!

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8 reviews for Not This Month Cream

  1. Shawna

    I’m 34 living in Boston and I was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 32, after suffering for 20 years. Not This Month helps with painful days because I now powerlift and have a very regimented workout plan, so it’s there when I need it. And the best part, other than its ability to lessen my pain? It travels so well!

  2. CJ Gibson

    I love my Betoken Not This Month for the sweet yet subtle smell and pain relief from cramps it gives me during that time of the month. I easily apply, and relief 🙂

  3. bchristie

    I use an IUD that gives me heavy, crampy, painful periods. This really does help. It smells great, is easy to apply, isn’t sticky, and works almost immediately. I reapply as needed. I would usually be holding my breath during a painful cramp (or two or twenty) but with this I didn’t think twice. I can get through the day, get my work done, work out, etc, without wanting to just lay in bed all day. Lifesaver!

  4. Emily Lane

    Chronic period cramp sufferer, here! For the first 3 days of my period every single month, I used to take 2 ibuprofen every few hours. NOT. ANY. MORE. It doesn’t make my cramps go away completely, but it makes them feel so much more manageable that I can actually carry on with my day instead of writhing in pain. I’ve also been rubbing it on my temples to relieve headaches. I’m telling you — take a chance on this stick, you will not regret it. Plants over pills!

  5. Amanda G.

    Love the Not This Month! It’s calming and makes for a great bedtime ritual. I love the size of it and it melts quickly into the skin with no residue.

  6. Scarlett

    I didn’t know how badly I needed this product! Since having children my cycles have become increasingly painful and difficult to manage, the pain often waking me from sleep. NTM cream is effective and smells incredible. It eases cramping and soreness and lets me get back to bed quickly. I’ve even used it on my foot from a running injury and was impressed at how well it worked.

  7. Maria

    I’ve battled “bad periods” my entire life and always turned to OTC options that never were able to manage all aspects of the pain I was dealing with. When Not this Month entered my life a few years ago it was a complete gamechanger. Six months into making this a part of my routine I have diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis – turns out it this cream was treating much more than just “bad period” cramps. THANK YOU Not this Month for entering my life + saving me from the pinwheel of OTC options I used to turn to.


  8. Mikayla

    Let me tell you when I say this SAVES me. Being someone that suffers endometriosis, finding something for comfort is just really far and few between. This truly is my holy grail go to item to find any kind of relief. Whether its day 1 where the pain isn’t so bad or right in the thick of it. Not this month really means NOT this month. Run, don’t just walk and get this product. Each month I want to go and buy more because I just absolutely cannot live without it. The tube is easy to squeeze for application, the product itself is not sticky so soothing and the smell is subtle and calm. The slight warming feel I get is like I am giving myself a hug. Just love this product.

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