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24 Hour Magic


Imagine being calm, cool and collected all day. Now picture it’s bedtime, and instead of tossing and turning, your head hits the pillow and you sleep through the night. We’re willing to bet there was a time, many children and late-nights at the office ago, when this scenario was more or less your norm. Today, not so much. Arm yourself for good days and restful nights with our 24-hour magic bundle.

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Tackle both daytime stress and anxiety and nighttime sleep issues with just 2 caps a day.


  • Hello Mellow Capsules
  • Nighty Night Capsules
  • Consult your physician before use if you have any health concerns, are pregnant, nursing or if you are currently taking pharmaceutical drugs as Cannabidiol can have unintended interactions with certain pharmaceuticals
  • Keep away from children
  • The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Our Betoken capsules are packaged in 100% recyclable glass jars and cardboard boxes! No need to remove the label from the jar (the recycling process includes a heating process that melts any labels and excess glue). Once empty, simply remove the plastic cap (and white liner) and toss your empty jar and cardboard box in the recycling!

Don't have curb-side pick up? No worries, bring your empty Betoken containers to the recycling station at places like Whole Foods or Target on your next trip (we know you have one planned!).

5 reviews for 24 Hour Magic

  1. Leah Y (verified owner)

    Being home with three children has been hard. Really hard. By the end of the day I’m so over stimulated by the constant talking, moving, screaming, homeschooling, and touching. The mental burden of meeting everyone’s emotional needs is exhausting, thankless, and has left me feeling completely burnt out. I started taking betoken as a small attempt at self care. It has helped me power through the day with added clarity and calmness. I have an easier time quieting the chaos and focusing on the moment. I’ll take all the help I can get these days, and betoken has definitely helped. Thank you for such a great product, I highly recommend.

    Initially I was hesitant to try nighty night. I have an infant that isn’t sleeping through the night and I didn’t want to feel foggy/overly drowsy in the middle of the night if I was needed. I am really glad I decided to try it. My body feels relaxed and comfortable, and my mind is calm yet clear. I have an easier time falling asleep and have no problem waking with the baby. I highly recommend to anyone needing extra help getting comfortable and falling asleep.

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    Organically sourced, third party tested, and no THC present, these products (and this company!) checked off all my boxes when searching for some stress relief. The capsules are tasteless and do the trick when I’m stressed or can’t fall asleep. Filled only with plants and no side effects and the owner is a joy and answered my many questions before I ordered! I’ve re-ordered three times in the last 3 months. I highly recommend!

  3. Melissa Anderson (verified owner)

    I couldn’t recommend this bundle enough. With the stress of teaching from home, and the pandemic in general I wasn’t sleeping and felt anxious all day. 24 hour Magic is sincerely magical. Nightly Night helps me fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling rested. During the day, when I start to feel anxious, I take a Hello Mellow and very quickly feel calm and able to deal with the teach-from-home stress. Thank you Good Jane!

  4. Brittney (verified owner)

    I use these products daily and immediately notice the difference when I run out of them. During 2020 I’ve been taking at least twice as much to help keep my stress level down. These are a life, patience and sleep saver!

  5. Bryn (verified owner)

    Love both of these products, very calming and perfect for night time when you want to wind down. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a product to help relax them!

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