respect your f*cking mother earth day tote from betoken

How is Betoken Sustainable?

In honor of Earth Day 2021, which occurs each year on April 22, sustainable CBD brand Betoken is excited to offer a free gift with purchase to qualifying customers. All purchases over $100 on will receive a free recyclable tote with their order during the month of April. 

It’s estimated that Americans use 100 million plastic bags per year, which require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. Plastic bags are used, on average, for only 12 minutes. However, their impact on the environment and wildlife can be long-lasting. Every year, Earth Day reminds consumers that they can make small changes in their everyday life that can have a hugely positive impact on keeping the planet healthy. “Betoken is proud to use nearly 100% recyclable materials in all of our packaging and we take steps all year long to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, currently only the caps on our jars and tubes are not recyclable and we are looking for ways to eliminate this last remaining piece of plastic,” – says Founder, Liz Kirby.

Betoken is a female-led brand that puts sustainability as a focal point of the brand’s philosophy. 

Even manufacturing operations are kept as local as possible. Betoken’s products are all manufactured in Massachusetts, only two hours away from the company’s headquarters. Keeping the manufacturing process close supports the local economy, reduces transportation costs, and allows for close monitoring of the product. Read about Betoken’s sustainability practices here.

In addition to eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, Betoken takes their commitment to the environment one step further. “We are excited to announce that we have recently become Leaping Bunny certified. We never have and we never would test our products on animals, and we are proud to join this distinguished organization,” – says Kirby.  Leaping Bunny is an organization that started after the tagline “cruelty free” became popular without monitoring or regulations. Brands defined what made themselves “cruelty free” internally and used that term much too freely. Leaping Bunny was formed as an external organization that could regulate the notation “cruelty free.” Today, only brands that adhere to Leaping Bunny’s strict cruelty free regulations receive the certification.  

By supporting this small sustainable business, we can all try to do better for the planet. True to the brand’s voice, qualifying customers will receive a fun free cotton tote that reads “Protect Your F*cking Mother.” Shop your CBD needs while being mindful of the environment at

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