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How Holy Basil, Skullcap & Lemon Balm May Help Promote Relaxation

The use of high-quality CBD products and capsules has only increased in popularity over the years. 

Our Hello Mellow capsules contain a proprietary blend of broad spectrum Hemp and botanicals. These other botanicals are included not only for their compatibility with the Hemp plant, but also because people have used them for centuries to combat stress and anxiety.

So, what are the other botanicals that make up the proprietary blend in Hello Mellow, and how might they help you? Read on!

Holy Basil aka Tulsi

Holy basil lives up to the name by being a miracle of a plant with every part of its composition used to treat the mind and body. The plant and its extracts may treat physical and skin conditions as well as insect bites and upset stomachs. We love a good no-waste situation, and love that all of the many components of Holy Basil have useful properties!

The makeup of Holy Basil plant matter acts as an adaptogen which is what our bodies use to handle stress and balance mood-altering chemicals in our brain. This makes for the perfect addition to any CBD capsule routine.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another herb known for its calming effects which is why it finds a home not only in daily relief routines, but even night-time scenarios to help promote a good night’s sleep (although, it is not sedating!). Lemon balm is actually from the mint family but earned its more colorful name from the strong lemon scent the leaves give off.

The calming and relaxing nature of lemon balm that helps calm your mind may also translate to the rest of your body. The soothing nature may help in relaxing the mind and body


Skullcap is, despite the name, a lovely plant that may help provide relief. It is thought to tackle relaxation through an amino acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, that acts as a neurotransmitter in our brains.

GABA is responsible for blocking certain activities in our brain that aren’t necessary, lowering the overall activity going on in our nervous system. Users often credit skullcap as a key piece of long-term nervous system tension relief, providing improvements to both their mood and cognitive functions.

Key Ingredients Can’t Be Compromised

Each of these organic botanicals are time-tested and work well with CBD. The beautiful combination may work to promote relaxation.

By combining the strengths of each plant with companion plants, we’ve been able to create a lineup of everyday mood elevating supplements to make your daily routine that much easier to manage.

Visit our store to see our full stock or take a moment to see why we care so much about what we put in every capsule.

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