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How Far Does CBD Oil Penetrate the Skin?

Every year, millions of people try CBD for the first time. The industry has been booming in recent years, with early customers falling in love and more people rapidly joining them. If you’re wondering what the secret to this revolution in the popularity of CBD is, the answer is simple; people are finding that it works for them. While the professional medical literature on the benefits of CBD is still fairly small, the early studies that exist are highly promising. One particularly interesting application is the potential for topical CBD oil and other products to soothe pain and inflammation.

How Far Does CBD Oil Penetrate the Skin?

Topical application of CBD is increasingly popular for all sorts of purposes, from treating period cramps to alleviating arthritis. Additionally, early studies indicate that CBD may be able to treat acne. However, it’s also important to know exactly how far CBD oil penetrates into the skin when you apply it. If it reaches the bloodstream, that would make it a powerful option for achieving global CBD benefits such as stress relief and improved sleep. However, there’s no single figure when it comes to the ability of CBD to penetrate into the skin. It depends on the exact topical delivery system and the type of cream or lotion that’s carrying it.

Transdermal CBD

Transdermal CBD is an application method that isn’t widely available. By mixing a variety of medical ingredients together, it’s possible to make CBD oil go more deeply into the skin and body as a whole than it would alone. For instance, a team of researchers that were studying the potential of transdermal CBD had to design their own cream from scratch. However, the results were extremely promising. It penetrated deeply into the skin as well as into the bloodstream as a whole, making it a potentially superior administration method compared to oral and sublingual administration.

Topical CBD

Most topical CBD, such as what we have available at Betoken CBD doesn’t reach the bloodstream. However, cannabidiol in hemp oil, CBD oil, or carried in a cream as an extract can still have impressive and beneficial effects. For instance, our Pain, Pain, Go Away cream is a dermal CBD lotion that penetrates into the upper layers of the skin and raises local cannabinoid concentrations. Our customers love it and it often goes out of stock, which is a testament to the ability of CBD and herbal botanicals to treat pain and inflammation.

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Betoken CBD maintains a stock of CBD topicals, capsules, and oils that are perfect for you if you’re interested in trying CBD for yourself.

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