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How Does Cramp Bark Work?

Women with severe period cramps face a unique challenge in the workplace and life in general. There aren’t many suitable treatments for PMS symptoms that consistently work, and many people don’t take the often-debilitating pain seriously. In a fairer world, harsh period cramps would be respected as a good reason to take a sick day from work or cancel plans. As a woman-led brand, we appreciate just how much of a need there is for good, natural ways to potentially reduce period pain. That’s why we’ve made our Not This Month cream, which blends powerful natural remedies such as cramp bark into one soothing topical.

How Does Cramp Bark Work?

Cramp bark, also known as Guelder Rose is a highly useful plant that may have a variety of potential applications. It’s a tall, flowering shrub with white flowers and red berries. While studies suggest that the flowers and berries appear to have medicinal applications of their own, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they play second fiddle to the bark. People around the world have long since used dried, powdered cramp bark to treat a variety of ailments. This is under the belief that the bark contains compounds that encourage muscles to relax and thus relieve pain and cramping. Additionally, people may use cramp bark to lower blood pressure.

Traditionally, cramp bark’s place in alternative medicine was in use as a tea. Today, it’s possible to look for cramp bark tea or buy concentrated botanical extracts. Unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s very little research into how cramp bark gets the results that its adherents attribute to it. There are no major clinical studies, although the existing evidence vindicates the idea that cramp bark reduces muscle cramping.

Holistic Period Pain Relief

The lack of modern, scientific research into cures for period cramps was a real obstacle when it came to formulating a holistic treatment option. As a result, we consulted a combination of traditional wisdom and related study to make our Not This Month cream. Many women around the world trust cramp bark to relieve their period pains, and the other Not This Month ingredients also may be helpful for inflammation, cramping, and period pain.

Besides CBD, another key ingredient is ginger. Studies have shown that ginger is can help with pain and cramping, particularly menstrual cramps. In particular, some studies provided evidence that ginger is just as effective at treating period pain as ibuprofen while carrying a variety of other health benefits.

Try Betoken CBD for PMS

At Betoken CBD, we’re dedicated to making all-natural solutions that may help women and all adults live easier lives. If you want to find more, explore our collection of CBD for PMS products and see what’s right for you.

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