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How Does Arnica Help Pain?

Chronic pain is one of the greatest challenges that a person can face in the course of their life. It can reduce mobility and activity, help bring about other health problems as a result, and remain highly difficult to treat. In many cases, the treatment itself can be more dangerous than the pain; overprescription of opioid painkillers and resultant addiction has produced one of America’s greatest health crises. While pharmacological pain relief is often necessary, more and more people are turning to botanicals like arnica for pain treatment.

How Does Arnica Help Pain?

Arnica is a perennial herb that bears a close resemblance to the daisy and grows in Central Europe, Siberia, and North America. It contains a variety of active compounds that combine to reduce pain, kill bacteria, and relieve pain. There are a variety of ways that you can take botanical, homeopathic arnica, and the primary methods are consumption topical application.

Very little research has gone into the medicinal value of arnica, but people have used it for many purposes throughout history. There’s inconclusive evidence supporting the idea that it may be able to reduce pain and blood loss via oral consumption. Likewise, it may be possible that oral consumption of arnica could help vision problems in diabetics, but overall it’s not clear.

Pain Relief Through Topical Arnica

However, the conclusive way that arnica safely and effectively helps pain is via topical application across unbroken skin. There are a variety of studies testing the ability of creams with arnica gel to relieve pain and inflammation, particularly chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

One collection of studies ultimately covered almost 800 participants using arnica gel to treat various types of pain, and each study had a positive outlook on topical arnica gel usage. Furthermore, there were no noticeable side effects or any complications of note among these participants. However, does that mean arnica is always safe? Not quite.

Potential Arnica Side Effects

It’s likely that the reason there are so few studies on the potential merits of applying arnica orally is the risk. If a person were to eat an arnica plant in the wild, the intensity of its chemical compounds would actually poison them; arnica consumption is only safe and potentially beneficial in very small quantities. If you want to enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of arnica, it’s best to choose a safely-formulated topical cream such as Betoken CBD’s Pain Pain, Go Away.

Relieve Your Muscle and Joint Pain with Betoken CBD

An evidence-based, effective concentration of arnica is just one of the key ingredients in Pain Pain, Go Away. Our proprietary herbal blend supplements this potent pain-relieving herb with CBD, Comfrey Bark, ginger, and other natural botanicals. Whether you’d like to relieve muscle pain after a workout or want to tackle arthritis, it could be just what you’re looking for. Consider giving Pain Pain, Go Away a try, or checking out the other CBD for pain products we offer.

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