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How Does A CBD Bath Bomb work?

Our team here at Betoken is no stranger to bath bombs. Combining the soothing sensation of a relaxing bath with the tension-releasing properties of bath salts has never felt so good as with our Go Away, I’m Fizzy CBD bath bombs. The experience is both fun and relaxing starting from the moment you drop that little ball of wonders into the bath water and see it begin to fizz to life!

What Exactly Is a Bath Bomb?

As satisfying as it is to watch a bath bomb melt away, have you ever wondered what exactly makes a bath bomb the effervescent essential for at-home spa nights? Well it’s actually the same forces behind every science fair volcano, baking soda and citric acid!

When the baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is mixed with water and citric acid, it begins rapidly producing the bubbles that fizz out of the center allowing the rest of the bath bomb to break away and dissolve into the warm water below.

Betoken’s Approach to Bath Bombs

One thing we found when creating our formula is that so many bath bombs look and smell great, but can leave the skin feeling dry or coated in residue after your relaxing soak. We wanted to make sure that you’re able to see the benefits of CBD and bath bombs during AND after your bath.

Hemp CBD is already an amazing moisturizer that both nourishes and soothes the skin, which gave us the perfect head start. From there we wanted to find ingredients that offered multiple benefits, keeping the overall list as short as possible. We met this goal by taking to essential oils, the perfect mix of fragrance, skin nourishment and symptom relief.

Lavender, jasmine and geranium essential oils are the trifecta used in our Go Away, I’m Fizzy bath bomb. Many find the bath bomb helpful with menstrual cramps, as the botanicals work into your body and the warm bath reduces tension in your muscles. Studies suggest that Geranium can also help to relieve cramps, as well as sooth troubled skin.

CBD May Help Before, During and After

The use of a broad-spectrum hemp CBD can have amazing benefits during your nightly bath routine. CBD relief creams can be used in the time leading up to or after your bath to work on relaxing the muscles as much as possible meaning your CBD bath bomb is able to work deeper and deeper.

Our team at Betoken is committed to providing the most effective natural solutions to life’s everyday stresses and pains. If you’ve never tried a CBD product, we encourage you to take our quick CBD quiz to get a custom recommendation emailed to you on which of our products best fits your needs.

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