Good For Jane

What’s good for Jane, is good for you. 

Dear Mother Earth, Thank You

Dear Betoken Babes, Just like we make adulting easier, we’ve also made respecting Mother Earth as easy as enjoying a Hello Mellow capsule with your morning cup of matcha tea.  So in honor of April being Earth Month, instead of our usual ‘Dear Jane’ letter, we’re...

Dear Jane, Anxiously Returning Back to Normal Life

Dear Jane, I know that I should be excited that with the roll-out of vaccinations, life is closer to returning back to ‘normal’ with fewer restrictions and more reopenings, but instead, I find myself feeling nervous about going back to the way things used to be.  I’ve...

Dear Jane, Working Out After An Injury

Dear Jane,  A few months back I was playing with my kids in our backyard. It was a normal day and I was running around after them and I tripped over some wild weeds and twisted my ankle. It wasn’t a massive injury, but it was a painful one.  Usually, I would enjoy...

Meet Jane

Jane is the fictional heroine of this story. She is your go-to girl when you need real life advice about anything, but in particular the things you’re too embarassed to ask your bestie or even Reddit. Got a question for Jane? Email her at

Jane’s Voice

Wellness influencer and female entrepreneur Candy Washington is the voice of Jane. Candy is a self-care and wellness enthusiast living in Los Angeles. She is also an author, a screen-writer, a podcaster and an overall boss, making her the perfect person to give voice to our fictional heroine.

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