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Does CBD Cause Tiredness?

Civilizations as old as Ancient China understood the benefits of hemp and cannabis. However, a century of prohibition means that the scientific understanding of these medicinal applications is still in its early stages. What researchers have uncovered is that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychedelic compound within the cannabis plant may have many positive applications. Various studies have provided evidence that CBD may be able to promote appetite, improve sleep, treat pain, and much more. However, does CBD cause tiredness or have any other unwanted side effects?

Does CBD Cause Tiredness?

If CBD helps sleep and if smoking marijuana causes tiredness or fatigue, it makes sense to be concerned that cannabidiol might cause tiredness. In general, though, CBD doesn’t cause fatigue or drowsiness. While there are some known side effects, studies demonstrate that moderately high doses of CBD are typically safe for as long as six months. That’s not to say that it’s dangerous to use cannabidiol products past six months, either; there’s currently little research on long-term administration.

When someone takes excessively high doses, they are, in some cases, more likely to experience symptoms such as dry mouth and drowsiness. It’s essential to keep the risks in mind, but it’s also worth noting that most of the population tolerates CBD well. For instance, in a study on how CBD may help improve sleep and mood, only three out of 72 adults experienced unwanted side effects.

How Does CBD Help Sleep?

Normal usage of CBD improves sleep but generally won’t cause fatigue and drowsiness. On its face, this may seem like a contradiction. However, the answer to this dilemma lays in precisely how cannabidiol helps promote good sleep. Rather than inducing tiredness in the way that sleep medications often do, studies indicate that CBD treats the problems causing poor sleep. Stress, anxiety, and chronic pain are some of the most common obstacles to good rest.

Recent research has begun to build the case for CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety and promote calm. In the cited study, researchers provided patients with a small, 25 mg daily dose of CBD. Throughout the project, almost 80% of all patients reported reduced anxiety. Additionally, most slept considerably better. As for pain, the potential of CBD to form the basis of new anti-inflammatory, anti-pain drugs is one possibility that’s gaining more and more interest in the medical world. While living with lessened stress and pain will help sleep, it doesn’t cause fatigue or drowsiness by any means. This is why, generally, CBD doesn’t cause tiredness but does help sleep.

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