Dear Jane, Working Out After An Injury

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Dear Jane, 

A few months back I was playing with my kids in our backyard. It was a normal day and I was running around after them and I tripped over some wild weeds and twisted my ankle. It wasn’t a massive injury, but it was a painful one. 

Usually, I would enjoy working out which for me meant going on jogs with my friends and then doing light weights and pilates at our at-home gym. But with my twisted ankle, my workouts had to be put on pause until I was all healed up. 

Now that my ankle is on the mend, I’m timid about working out again. Even though it’s pretty much back in fighting shape, my ankle still hurts from time to time, and I’m worried about reinjuring it. 

Jane, what are your thoughts on how I can ease back into working out after my injury?

– Painfully on the Mend



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Girl posing with pain pain go away cream in her jean pocket

I suggest starting slow, listening to your body, and taking as many breaks as you need until you’re fully healed. 

Dear Painfully on the Mend,

I think you’re already on the right track. The trick to working out again in a healthy way is by easing back into your usual routine and by not trying to do too much too soon. The last thing that you want to do is put too much pressure or stress on your injured ankle and end up hurting it even further. 

Betoken's pain pain go away with hello mellow and nighty night

So I suggest starting slow, listening to your body, and taking as many breaks as you need until you’re fully healed. In the meantime, I would also incorporate the all-natural Pain, Pain Go Away Cream into your daily routine to help you safely ease back into working out. 

The cream is formulated for quick and easy pain relief so I’d apply it to your injured ankle, and other joints or muscles that are experiencing discomfort, both before and after your workouts. Also, use the pain-relieving cream throughout the day and night whenever your ankle starts to hurt to relieve stress and tension.


An added bonus to using the Pain, Pain Go Away Cream is its soothing and not overwhelming scent. Formulated with 500mg of broad-spectrum hemp and our proprietary botanical blend, the cream has a calming aroma that helps to relax your mind while it relaxes your muscles. 

Don’t forget to pick up a few jars of our Nighty Night capsules too. Getting enough sleep is crucial when your body is trying to heal and the capsules can help you get a peaceful and restorative night’s sleep. Here’s to your health, happiness, and healing. 

xoxo, Jane

Jane is the fictional heroine of the Betoken lifestyle blog, Good For Jane. Think of Jane as your virtual BFF. She lives a healthy lifestyle, but not like, over the top. When it’s not a pandemic, she loves hanging out with her friends, dating, and exercising in public. Throughout the pandemic she has baked her fair share of sourdoughs, gotten more than her fair share of takeout to “support her local restaurants”, ordered wine online and taken plenty of CBD to keep the anxiety at bay. 

Jane is also the editor of the Dear Jane column. If you have a question for Jane, you can email her at

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