Dear Jane, I need housewarming gift ideas!

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Dear Jane, 

My friends recently moved into a new home with their family. They relocated from the city after Covid, and are now happily enjoying a quieter suburban life in Maine. 

I want to get them a housewarming gift, but I know that they are really stressed from moving. I want to get them something they might not get for themselves. I also want to make sure that I am not adding to their clutter with my gift! 

Do you have any ideas?! TIA!

-Clutter Adverse


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I think a small something to brighten and cozy up their new space, and maybe something to take the edge off of the stress and anxiety of moving would be the perfect housewarming gift!” 

Dear Clutter Adverse, 

It is so kind of you to put so much thought and care into a gift for your friends. They are lucky to have you – gift or no gift! With that in mind, I think Betoken has all the gift giving ideas you need to help your friends brighten and cozy up their new space and make moving a breeze!

housewarming gifts guide

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do as an adult. This is especially true when coupled with new jobs and raising a family. I love Betoken’s Hello Mellow capsules which contain Broad Spectrum Hemp extract and whole plant botanicals from Holy Basil, Skullcap and Lemon Balm. Allow your friends to forget stress and focus on what matters:  making beautiful memories with their family in their new home.

Another fun way to welcome your friends to their new town/zip code is with Betoken’s custom beaded bracelets! Get it customized with the name of their town, street, area code, zip code, or whatever else makes you think of them and them think of home.

I love these Denik journals available on the Betoken site. Journaling is a great way to manage stress, and they also look beautiful on your nightstand or coffee table! 

If you’re in the Portland, Maine area, you can also pick up one of Betoken’s Near and Native x Betoken candles, which come in 2 scents: Wake Me Up (lilac and mandarin) or Calm Me Down (sea salt and citrus). These are available only in store.

xoxo, Jane

Jane is the fictional heroine of the Betoken lifestyle blog, Good For Jane. Think of Jane as your virtual BFF. She lives a healthy lifestyle, but not like, over the top. When it’s not a pandemic, she loves hanging out with her friends, dating, and exercising in public. Throughout the pandemic she has baked her fair share of sourdoughs, gotten more than her fair share of takeout to “support her local restaurants”, ordered wine online and taken plenty of CBD to keep the anxiety at bay.

Jane is also the editor of the Dear Jane column. If you have a question for Jane, you can email her at

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