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Benefits of Maine Seaweed for Skincare

When we set out to make Betoken's two topical pain creams, Not This Month and Pain, Pain, Go Away, we knew we wanted them not only to be as effective as possible, but also to reflect the beauty of Maine, where Betoken is located. Our creams are made with broad...

Can You Drive While Taking CBD?

The invention of CBD has made it easier for the average consumer to strive toward better health and wellness. CBD products offer a slew of benefits for overall well-being, such as alleviating pain, promoting a calmer state of mind, reducing acne, encouraging healthier...

We’ve Talked About CBD, But Have You Learned About CBG?

You've probably heard about CBD — but what about CBG? If your answer is no, you're not alone but there's definitely reason to look into the latest hemp extract that's helping people with pain, anxiety, and other maladies. Here are 3 key benefits that make CBG — and...

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