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Are there Benefits of Lavender, Jasmine and Geranium Essential Oils?

You might have noticed, if you've tried any of our products, that we love essential oils! The incredible scent you smell when you apply our Pain, Pain, Go Away or Not This Month cream comes from Lavender and Rose Essential Oils. When you take a bath with our Go Away...

What Are Valerian Root and Hops and Do They Help Support Sleep?

One of the greatest benefits of CBD ingestible capsules is the ability for CBD to work with other natural botanicals, opening the way to mixing and matching the perfect recipe that targets specific ailments. At Betoken, we keep every ingredient list as short...

How Does A CBD Bath Bomb work?

Our team here at Betoken is no stranger to bath bombs. Combining the soothing sensation of a relaxing bath with the tension-releasing properties of bath salts has never felt so good as with our Go Away, I'm Fizzy CBD bath bombs. The experience is both fun...

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