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CBD Boston

Betoken is thrilled to be able to use manufacturing facilities and CBD hemp produced just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. As natives of Maine, having our operations running right in our backyard is something we have worked towards since our launch in 2018.

Our CBD-infused products are designed especially for grown-ups, to help address common issues, like stress, sleep problems, PMS, and pain. Our products combine the powerful Hemp plant with other botanicals known for their medicinal value.

CBD Boston 

Betoken is proud to manufacture our products and source our CBD from right outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Our products are always third party tested for both potency and contaminants. We work with many CBD retailers in and around Boston, and also offer all of our products on our WEBSITE for convenient delivery right to your door.

Is CBD psychoactive? 

CBD has grown in popularity recently because it has many of the same therapeutic benefits of Cannabis, without the psychoactive effects. Unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, CBD also comes with minimal risk of addiction or dependence.

You may have heard recently that CBD actually is psychoactive. What this means is that any compound that may interact with the central nervous system and elicit a change in mood or behavior is psychoactive. And there is evidence to show that CBD has some of those properties.

In a general context, however, psychoactive compounds are drugs that can cause euphoria or lead to an altered mental state. CBD does not. This informs the general conclusion that CBD is not psychoactive. Or, if we want to be technically correct, CBD is non-intoxicating.

Where is the best place to buy CBD in Boston? 

If you’re looking for reliable sources of CBD in Boston, reputable online stores and dispensaries are your best bet. You can shop on the Betoken website, or visit us at our retail location in Portland, Maine. You can also find Betoken on the shelves at some of your favorite dispensaries and CBD stores in the Boston area.

Whatever you do, you should desist from buying CBD products off the black market. Black market products are not tested for potency or purity, and it’s hard to know what’s in the preparation and what’s not. Many of the products sold off the black market do not contain the amount of CBD on the label, and worse still, they may be contaminated with potentially dangerous substances.

If you’re having trouble finding a reliable plug for your CBD in Boston Betoken is here to save the day. You can trust that independent laboratories have adequately tested all our products, and they contain exactly what’s on the label.

Shop Betoken for the best CBD in Boston

Are you looking for a reputable online store that guarantees the best CBD in Boston? You wouldn’t regret making Betoken your go-to company. Our products are engineered to help adults with every aspect of grown-up life with discreet capsules working for a wide range of conditions which may include stress, sleep issues, pain, etc. Shop with us today, and you’ll be glad you did.

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