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Can You Use Ginger Topically?

Betoken CBD firmly believes in the power of traditional, natural remedies to improve people’s lives. To this end, we integrate many powerful, historically trusted solutions like lemon balm, valerian, and more into all of our products. People around the world are familiar with ginger’s power to fix colds and sore throats when added to a hot drink. However, ginger is also a powerful topical agent with many potential benefits.

Use Ginger Topically

Similar to garlic, ginger has powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal qualities that even work in topical applications. For instance, various trials and studies employed ginger essential oils to combat bacteria that cause acne breakouts. Ginger consistently shows a potent effect for helping the skin stay clear and healthy, but that’s not all. Topical ginger can also help treat various sorts of pain and inflammation.

Topical Ginger for Pain

Older citizens with joint and muscle pain should look into the benefits that topical ginger application may offer them. In one study, researchers found highly impressive results using a simple ginger patch or compress. Topical ginger application produced a noticeable short-term decrease in arthritis pain, while prolonged use amplified this pain decrease even further. But people with arthritis aren’t the only ones who can turn to ginger for pain reduction. It’s also apparent that ginger has a powerful capacity to reduce menstrual cramps in women.

You’ll know dysmenorrhea by the term period cramps, but you might not know that ginger may help relieve the pain. People around the world have used ginger to treat inflammatory conditions for millennia, and a team of researchers put it to the test for treating period cramps. The study found that women who used ginger experienced a much greater reduction in pain compared to a control group that used a placebo. Additionally, the duration of pain also declined.

Try Betoken CBD-Ginger Topicals

The value of CBD and ginger as topical applicants is well established as a way to treat many forms of pain and inflammation. As such, it shouldn’t be any wonder that we’ve blended them together with other natural cures in several of our products.

Pain Pain Go Away

Our Pain, Pain, Go Away cream uses all-natural broad-spectrum hemp as its core ingredient. However, ginger is one of the key players in a potent herbal blend that may serve to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. Arnica, cayenne, and other powerful botanicals round out the pain-relieving qualities of this CBD topical.

Not This Month

As a female-led company, PMS symptoms are one struggle we truly understand. With this in mind, we used ginger, cramp bark, CBD, and other evidence-based ingredients to design a natural treatment which may help relieve period cramps. Next time your period cramps roll around, be sure to tell them “Not This Month.”

Betoken CBD is all about using cannabidiol and other natural ingredients to help make the challenges of adult life a little easier to beat. Give our anti-pain and anti-PMS products a try and see how they work for you.

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