driving while taking CBD

Can You Drive While Taking CBD?

The invention of CBD has made it easier for the average consumer to strive toward better health and wellness. CBD products offer a slew of benefits for overall well-being, such as alleviating pain, promoting a calmer state of mind, reducing acne, encouraging healthier sleep and more. This powerful remedy also addresses a number of concerns, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, joint pain, migraines and other health issues.

Because CBD is such an integral part of many people’s lives, they often go about their day with cannabidiol in their systems. This has led many to wonder if it’s okay to drive after they’ve taken CBD products. Here’s everything you need to know about this common safety concern.

Driving and CBD: What You Need to Know

As you already know, most state laws strictly prohibit citizens from driving under the influence. This includes marijuana, a species of Cannabis. Because many people are aware that marijuana in its pure form is off limits, and that Hemp is also a species of Cannabis, they wonder if the same rules apply to CBD.

Unlike marijuana, CBD does not cause any impairment that can affect driving. This is because Hemp contains little to no THC (to be classified as Hemp it must contain less than .3% THC), the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. The non-psychoactive nature of Hemp CBD means it cannot impair your driving, therefore you would not be considered “under the influence”.

Because CBD is not psychoactive, it’s generally safe to use before driving. CBD users can also have peace of mind in knowing that they aren’t at risk of getting a DUI for taking CBD.

Which CBD Products Are Right for You?

No matter what type of problem you’re dealing with, you can find a CBD product that’s tailored to your unique needs. Different CBD products are formulated to address different concerns and ailments, whether it’s stress, anxiety or chronic pain. To get the most out of CBD, it’s important to ensure you’re using the best product for you.

At Betoken CBD, we offer a wide range of cannabidiol products that are specifically designed to help improve a variety of symptoms. If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety, our top sellers like 24 Hour Magic and Hello Mellow Capsules can help you find your inner calm. These healing remedies harness the power of hemp CBD and other plant botanicals to melt away stress and decrease anxiety.

We also provide CBD products that aim to reduce pain and promote better sleep. With help from our Pain, Pain, Go Away Cream and Not This Month Cream, you can find relief from joint pain, cramps and other sources of discomfort. If you can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep despite your best efforts, you can also benefit from our Nighty Night Capsules, a melatonin-free alternative to sleeping pills that helps you sleep naturally and peacefully. However, we do not recommend driving after taking Nighty Night, as it does cause severe drowsiness!

Finding the right CBD for your needs makes a meaningful difference in your health, and you can be reassured that it’s fine to hit the road even after you’ve taken your daily dose of CBD.

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