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Can Comfrey Root, Lobelia, and Willow Bark Ease Pain?

The stratospheric rise in the popularity of CBD speaks to more than people’s belief that it works for them. It also shows that people around the world are looking for all-natural, non-addictive treatments for their problems more than ever before. While cannabidiol might seem trendy right now, civilizations around the world have used hemp and cannabis medicinally for millennia. These are just two of many ancient botanical treatments for issues like pain and inflammation.

Relieving Botanical

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for discomfort, you might consider CBD. Many new studies have come out supporting hemp oil and cannabidiol topicals as powerful choices for resolving hard-to-treat discomfort, for instance*. You might also look into a variety of relieving botanicals, such as comfrey root, lobelia, and willow bark. Betoken combines these three ingredients, broad-spectrum hemp, and arnica to produce a potent relieving effect in our Pain Pain, Go Away cream.

Comfrey Root

Comfrey has a storied history of medicinal use. In particular, people around the world have used the root to treat various types of discomfort with success. There’s strong clinical evidence supporting the idea that comfrey root can treat joint and muscle pain via topical application*.


It’s possible to use it both topically and orally, although the effects are very different. Oral ingestion is also somewhere you should take caution, because high doses can become toxic. When you apply lobelia topically, it can help treat various types of discomfort in a novel way. Instead of reducing inflammation and discomfort directly, it reduces effects such as bruising.

Willow Bark

Willow bark has a rich history of medicinal use dating back to ancient times, in both Greece and China. It possesses a powerful analgesic compound, salicin, which is effective both in natural botanical form or as an extract. Contemporary studies have produced interesting results with regard to the ability of willow bark to treat a variety of discomforts.

Studies indicate that modest doses are able to treat lower back aches with great success. However, it appears that low doses of willow bark and salicin are ineffective at treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis on their own.

Try CBD For Relief

Pain Pain, Go Away is one of the flagship Betoken CBD products. We’ve developed it by creating a carefully balanced, proprietary blend of relieving botanicals that can soothe and relieve mild to severe discomforts. Whether you want to relieve muscles after a hard workout or relieve an old injury’s discomfort, it’s worth a try.

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