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Can CBD Help With Inflammation?

When CBD started to become more widely known, it quickly found popularity among both older people as well as those suffering from chronic pain. No doubt because many of the common claims about cannabidiol promote it as a panacea for their problems. Some of these claims include stating that CBD can treat arthritis, chronic pain, gout, and an assortment of other conditions. The fact of the matter is none of these claims have been proven, and any evidence is anecdotal, but mounting! The heart of these claims revolves around inflammation. Inflammation reduction is key to treating these and other ailments, and studies indicate that CBD may have powerful ANTI-INFLAMMATORY qualities.

Does CBD Help With Inflammation?

After a century of fearmongering over cannabis, a scientific breakthrough in the 90s produced a powerful realization. That is, the human body naturally produces compounds that are extremely similar to the major compounds you’ll find in cannabis. These cannabinoids include THC, the hallucinogenic element of cannabis. These cannabinoids interface with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), producing the medicinal and recreational effects of cannabis. The science of CBD grows dramatically each year, but there’s still much we don’t know. The fact that the ECS affects diverse areas such as sleep, mood, pain, appetite, has delighted marketers and confused researchers. One of the strongest theories on the role of the ECS is that it MAINTAINS THE INNER BALANCE of the body. According to this theory, your ECS regulates your body and a CBD supplement supports this important system. From there, it follows improved ECS function produces benefits such as side-effect-free inflammation reduction.

Ingested CBD Oil

A variety of human and animal studies into the use of CBD to treat inflammation have borne out promising results. Many drugs that treat inflammation have negative side effects, which makes CBD a more appealing alternative. However, one STUDY ON ORAL INGESTION of CBD for inflammation gave mixed results. While successful in reducing inflammation, the study described absorption rates as “slow” and “erratic.” This is mostly a concern for medical professionals, who cannot prescribe treatments without giving precise estimates on dosage. Oral CBD remains an extremely popular choice among those who self-treat their inflammation.

Topical CBD Administration

The growing acceptance of CBD as a potent anti-inflammatory has driven studies into the ideal means of administering it. However, oral administration sometimes runs into the aforementioned bioavailability issues. As a result, interest is growing in other promising administration methods, such as using topical ointments. An early ANIMAL STUDY offers evidence that topical CBD ointments have the same anti-inflammatory benefits as oral administration. Furthermore, it avoids the route issues involved with oral administration and produces more consistent, reliable concentrations of cannabidiol. Overall, emerging evidence indicates that CBD ointments may be a potent choice for treating inflammation and pain.

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