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Can a CBD bath help my stress and anxiety?

When you’re stressed, it seems like a hot bath simply helps you forget about the world. It’s not just that it feels good, either; various studies have shown that regular, warm baths have real, long-term health benefits. Consider taking your bath to the next level with a bath bomb, and you’ll enjoy real bliss. The Betoken CBD Go Away, I’m Fizzy bath bomb uses skin-healthy ingredients such as MCT oil to give you a soothing, luxurious experience.

Benefits of a Bath Bomb to Stay Calm

A nice, long bath may be one of the best things you can do for yourself to relieve your stress. Bath bombs are the latest trend to make this ancient pleasure even better, as they enhance the process with all sorts of skin-healthy compounds. Not to mention the way that the aroma, the texture, and more contribute to a soothing effect. Warm baths are good for your health on their own, as per this study from Harvard. Finnish saunas have shown an ability to lower cholesterol and improve heart health, but even the Japanese trend of warm bathing shows that frequent baths can reduce risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease by roughly one-quarter.

Bath Bomb Ingredients

The ingredients are what let a bath bomb take the experience to the next level. For instance, topical CBD may have many health benefits according to the latest studies. Sprays, creams, and other topical administration methods appear to penetrate the dermis and increase local cannabidiol bioavailability. In particular, according to the study, they cut down on inflammation, pain, and other ailments that can increase your stress and get in the way of relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Many botanical plant oils can protect the skin via topical application. Another key ingredient in Go Away, I’m Fizzy is MCT oil. Studies have shown that MCT oil may reduce inflammation in the skin and have a restorative, rejuvenating effect.

Try Betoken CBD

Most of the focus on CBD is on things you consume, such as hemp oil, pills, and CBD-enhanced food products. Topical creams are starting to get more of the attention they deserve, but many people still haven’t experienced the pleasure and relief of a CBD bath bomb. Here at Betoken CBD, we’ve crafted a bath bomb that will help you unwind unlike any other.

Go Away, I’m Fizzy blends relaxing bath bomb standbys like citric acid and sodium bicarbonate with other helpful ingredients. Enjoy a mineral-rich bath that will rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling free thanks to all-natural ingredients like pink Himalayan salt and a healthy dose of full-spectrum hemp. If you want to use CBD to see if it can release your worries, consider shopping our Calming CBD collection

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