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Buy Edibles Online in AB

Buy Edibles Online in AB

Save money when you buy edibles online in AB from Blazin Herb; all of our THC products are affordably priced and guaranteed to provide an exceptional experience. If you’re tired of high dispensary prices, long trips to your local cannabis store, and inconsistent quality, you’ve come to the right place. At Blazin Herb, we can offer you superior customer experience and satisfaction when you make our Web store your one and only place to purchase THC edibles and other cannabis products. Choose from pre-rolls, popular weed strains, concentrates, THC candy, and more.

10 THC Edibles You’ll Want to Try

1. Our most popular products are our premium flower & bud strains- and we have some of the most sought after names in the industry. Visit our online dispensary in AB to find Bubba Cookie, Black Mamba, Peyote Critical, Watermelon OG Kush, Deep Purple, King Tut, Ice Wreck, Moon Rocks, and so many other strains, as well.

2. Nerb Bites and Nerd Ropes infused with THC are the perfect sweet & sour cannabis edible to satisfy your sweet tooth while enhancing your mood. You’ll find all of your favorite Nerds flavors available from our online weed shop.

3. Magic Melts combines 1g of mushrooms with delicious chocolate melts for a one-of-a-kind trip in the safety of your home. Be sure to consume responsibly and stay safe using Magic Melts Mushrooms.

4. Our list of tasty marijuana edibles includes Ripped Rolos, a chocolatey-caramel cannabis treat containing 500mg of THC per bag. Each package of Ripped Rolos includes 20 rolos chocolates with 25mg of THC in each individual candy.

5. You’ll get a lot for your money when you buy cannabis concentrate from our website; consider Van Isle Diamonds 1g vial of Caviar Extracts, guaranteed to give you a mental and emotional boost and keep you coming back for more.

6. Our Solvent-Free THC Tincture offers a discreet application when you’re away from home. Our Tincture is made from organic hemp flowers using only alcohol-free carrier oils that enhance your experience. Contains 300mg of THC per bottle.

7. Check out our pre-rolls when you want to buy weed online for immediate smoking. Peyote Critical pre-rolls are just $5 each and rolled generously for sharing with friends.

8. Enjoy delicious Jolly Rancher Gummy Sours infused with 600mg of THC per package- at the low price of just $25, they’re an exceptional deal when you want to medicate without having to smoke or vape. Each package contains a variety of sour fruity flavors and the right amount of THC in each candy to deliver a rewarding experience.

9. Purchase authentic Avery Albino Mushrooms from our store when a cannabis high is not strong enough. Order up to 112 grams at the best prices around from Blazin Herb.

10. Try Baked Nards the next time you wish to buy edibles online in AB. We ship all orders over $100 for free throughout Canada, with affordable flat rate fees for smaller orders. Baked Nards packages contain 500mg of THC at a very affordable price. Shop with us for discreet cannabis delvery.

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