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Reviews for Hello Mellow

I had 2 panic attacks at work last week. I took Hello Mellow and an hour later I was back to my normal self. This stuff really does work. If I didn’t have this on me I would have had to take the rest of the day off work (and although I really wanted to just go home, I had a pretty busy day at work and was trying to avoid that. I’m so thankful for this product!” -SP, Verified Buyer

I started taking the chill pills yesterday, but wish I had started years ago! I noticed a difference immediately. My job is particularly stressful right now, and I am handling it better than ever thanks to the chill pills. They take the edge off without any side effects. I would recommend them to anyone.” -Katie, Verified Buyer

“I have tried so many CBD products for stress and anxiety but I never really felt a difference. The Hello Mellow pills have been somewhat life changing.” -Michel, Verified Buyer

hello mellow chill pills
cbd chill pills

Reviews for Nighty Night

I love this product so much! After years of broken sleep and disturbances due to having babies, toddlers, and anxiety – I sleep peacefully through the night without wake ups. I love that unlike other sleep and relaxation aids I’m refreshed with zero grogginess come morning. Nighty Night is effective but gentle enough that I still hear my kids if they need me, and that allows me to relax and feel super confident about taking it whenever I need it.” -Scarlett, Verified Buyer

Love this product so much! I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for help falling asleep because of pain, anxiety, etc. Don’t ever stop making this!” -Katherine, Verified Buyer

“I can’t say enough good things about these! I’ve struggled with sleep issues on and off for years so when I heard about these I decided to give them a try and I’m so happy I did. I take one every night and it helps me fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long. I wake up and feel refreshed and ready to start my day!.” -Holly, Verified Buyer

nighty night reviews
betoken cbd pain cream

Reviews for Pain, Pain, Go Away

This is the first time I’ve ever used a product like this and I can honestly say I feel a difference! My aches and pains in my lower back lessens in just seconds!” -Nicky, Verified Buyer

I have an old knee injury that really wants to slow me down- since I’ve been using this pain cream consistently, I am feeling a huge difference and am able to continue running a few times a week with no problem!! I use it as my pre and post jog ritual!” -Therin, Verified Buyer

Great product. Allows me to keep running into my 60’s!” -Rob, Verified Buyer

betoken pain cream reviews
betoken cbd pms relief cream

Reviews for Not This Month

I didn’t know how badly I needed this product! Since having children my cycles have become increasingly painful and difficult to manage, the pain often waking me from sleep. NTM cream is effective and smells incredible. It eases cramping and soreness and lets me get back to bed quickly. I’ve even used it on my foot from a running injury and was impressed at how well it worked.” -Scarlett, Verified Buyer

Let me tell you when I say this SAVES me. Being someone that suffers endometriosis, finding something for comfort is just really far and few between. This truly is my holy grail go to item to find any kind of relief. Whether its day 1 where the pain isn’t so bad or right in the thick of it. Not this month really means NOT this month. Run, don’t just walk and get this product. Each month I want to go and buy more because I just absolutely cannot live without it. The tube is easy to squeeze for application, the product itself is not sticky so soothing and the smell is subtle and calm. The slight warming feel I get is like I am giving myself a hug. Just love this product.” -Mikayla, Verified Buyer

betoken not this month cream reviews
cbd bath bomb

Reviews for Go Away I’m Fizzy

This bath bomb was amazing. I have tried many bombs of different types. This left me feeling noticeably chill and zen. I absolutely loved it. And what everyone else said is true too. Great smelling and super soft and silky.” -Sara, Verified Buyer

I LOVE this bath bomb! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and calms any redness from my eczema, and soothes my fibromyalgia pain. I definitely think this bath bomb is worth it for anyone who needs a little relaxation and relief from a stressful day. All in all, I will keep buying this bath bomb as long as it’s available!!!” -Emmie, Verified Buyer

“After an incredibly relaxing bath using this bomb My skin feels silky, I’m relaxed and I have a great nights sleep. My husband is such a fan that when I am low in stock I have to tuck one away for safe keeping:) they are the perfect antidote for when your body needs a little TLC.” -Nancy, Verified Buyer

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