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betoken refill service

available nationwide!

Let us refill your jars

Less waste, less money, more Betoken

Betoken is committed to doing our part to save the planet. The last thing we would ever want to see is our Betoken jars taking up space in a landfill. Let’s work together to reduce waste and give Mother Earth a fighting chance.

How it works

STEP ONE: From the refill product page, choose your capsule – Hello Mellow or Nighty Night (or both!)

STEP TWO: Checkout

STEP THREE: If you are local, use code MAINAH to avoid paying for shipping

STEP FOUR: Send back your jar (you are responsible for packing it up and sending it back – a perfect use for your original Betoken shipping box!). You will receive an email shortly after your purchase with shipping instructions.

STEP FIVE: Once received, we will refill your jar and send it back to you! Repeat as often as you want!

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