Behold Betoken: The Future of CBD is Female

Founder Liz Kirby Gives Insights on Perseverance as an Entrepreneur

in a mood pms self care kit from betokenPortland, Maine, January 25, 2021 ( – Today, the breakthrough lifestyle CBD line, formerly known as Good Jane and founded by female entrepreneur, Liz Kirby, debuts a new name and a sleek new design. The revitalized brand will now be known as Betoken and offers a refreshingly female take on a primarily male-dominated industry. 

The inspiration behind the new name and look was born out of Liz’s need to pivot her brand after receiving a cease-and-desist letter in October 2020. As a working mom who’s now homeschooling her children due to COVID-19, it wasn’t the ideal time to rebrand her company, but instead of fighting the issue in court or giving up on her brand, Liz used this obstacle as an opportunity to breathe new life into her CBD brand.

In the spirit of the Betoken brand, using CBD as a wellness best friend, Liz reached out to her best friend, an extremely talented female graphic designer, for support in redesigning her brand. The bond between the two women is evident in the vibrant new logo, design, and packaging and is a reminder of what women can achieve when they work together for a common goal.

“When faced with the decision of giving up or rebranding, I decided to lean into the experience. I pushed through the grief of letting go of Good Jane and owned making Betoken an even more aligned brand with my mission to make grown-up life easier for those going through real-life problems. Betoken was born out of having ‘to adult’ in the face of adversity and it’s my hope that we can help our customers push through their own issues with grace,” says Liz. 

The future of Betoken CBD will also focus on building meaningful partnerships with other female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry with an emphasis on collaboration over competition. One alliance of note is the upcoming launch of the ‘Go Away, I’m Fizzy,’ CBD bath bomb that Liz created in partnership with Leigh Carr of Hari Om Hemp. The soothing bath bomb hits the market in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Liz’s inspiring journey of persevering as an entrepreneur through challenges by turning setbacks into opportunities, seeking support from other like-minded women, having a mindset of creating community instead of competition, and owning the trajectory of her brand and her story, should serve as a blueprint for other female entrepreneurs building their brands in uncertain times. 

Although the brand’s look and name may have changed, the high quality of the products will remain the same as Betoken prides itself on delivering a consistent and effective experience to its loyal customers. Shop the revitalized brand at starting February 1. 


Betoken is the only CBD company designed exclusively for grown-ups. What was once a routine morning 5k is now the source of chronic knee pain. Where falling asleep was once a matter of head hitting pillow, it’s now a tossing and turning fiasco. Products are formulated to help people feel better every day.


Liz and her husband have 2 young kids and live in southern Maine. Liz practiced law for 3 years before she “retired” in 2013 to embark on a series of more creative endeavors. She has been a CBD entrepreneur since 2018.  


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