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Are There Benefits of CBD for Arthritis?

In recent years, CBD has rapidly gained a reputation for treating many ills. Enthusiasts recommend it for mental health issues such as stress and anxiety, as well as physical ailments like arthritis. While public opinion has developed rapidly and optimistically, the science on CBD has grown more slowly. While specific CBD-BASED DRUGS and therapies are in development, there aren’t enough studies to create a scientific consensus. Studies that exist largely align with popular opinion, particularly on issues such as arthritis and chronic pain. This is thanks to the fact that CBD may be anti-inflammatory allowing it to TREAT THE ROOT OF ARTHRITIS PAIN and symptoms. When it comes to the benefits of CBD for arthritis, the question may be less whether it helps, but how it helps.

Does CBD Help Arthritis?

Research into cannabis and how its compounds affect the human body has uncovered several fascinating breakthroughs in recent years. These compounds are neurotransmitters named cannabinoids, and they interface with the body through the endocannabinoid system. For instance, THC bonds with neuroreceptors to create the potent psychoactive high that people associate with cannabis. On the other hand, CBD has no psychoactive effect but may create a variety of positive medical effects. There are a variety of CBD products that you can use to treat your arthritis, but the most important factor is the administration route. While STUDIES INDICATE that oral administration provides arthritis and inflammation relief, this method runs into some problems. In particular, the hydrophobic nature of CBD oil creates inconsistent and unpredictable bioavailability levels. One STUDY sought to test alternative treatment methods and found that CBD topical ointments may be ideal. This administration route bypasses the problems inherent in oral ingestion, resulting in greater bioavailability.

Are There Benefits of CBD for Arthritis?

While there’s good reason to believe that CBD is beneficial for people with arthritis, that’s not all. There are a number of other factors that give it advantages over traditional medications as well as medical marijuana.

CBD vs Medical Marijuana

While medical marijuana and CBD have broadly shared applicability, marijuana might be inaccessible or unideal for an individual. Some people find that the psychedelic effect of marijuana makes them uncomfortable or they dislike smoking. Additionally, medical marijuana is not legal everywhere. While CBD also exists in a legal gray zone, it does not produce psychedelic effects and is either partially or fully legal in 47 US states as of October 2021.

CBD Vs Orthodox Medication

Traditional anti-inflammatories and arthritis drugs tend to come with their own risks. However, it’s accurate to assess CBD as almost risk-free. According to the World Health Organization, CBD HAS NO POTENTIAL FOR ADDICTION or abuse. At a time where high numbers of Americans are developing addictions to strong prescription painkillers, any non-addictive solution deserves special interest.

Betoken CBD May Help Arthritis

If you’re struggling with arthritis and chronic pain, you should consider what millions of people and several new scientific studies are saying. CBD is a non-addictive, non-psychedelic, and a largely legal treatment that may really help. We have curated selections of products which may help with PAIN waiting for you to explore them. Whether you’d like to try CBD oil, a topical ointment, or a soothing bath bomb, you’re sure to find what you need. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need help picking out what’s right for you.

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